If you have not opened your purchase and would like to return it you can return it within 30 days of purchase.

The product must be in the original packaging and in original condition. Due to the hygienic nature of the products we cannot accept a return of any opened item.  If you need to return your item please do not place shipping labels directly to the product.

If you feel there is a manufacture defect in the produce please email us before sending back and we can discuss the issue with you and determine the next step to take.

We aim to have 100% satisfaction with your purchase and hope that you will make visits to our web store a regular occurance.

Our Promise to Our Clients

We try to source all the best products available for our clients and inspect them prior to shipping. We stand behind our products, however as with any product normal wear and tear is expected with use and the products will need replacing during the normal life cycle of the products. We have no expressed or implied warranty regarding the material, Elastic straps, Velcro straps, or durability of the products with normal use. The life cycle of the products is different for each product and the care that is taken with looking after and maintaining your product.

Although many of our products offer solutions to medical conditions and foot health changes we are not intending to treat any medical condition. If you require medical consultation or treatment we recommend you seek the advice of a physician. The information provided about our products and uses along with any information about medical conditions are meant for educational purposes only and the validity of the information is not meant to provide any self-diagnosis or treatment options. It you are experiencing any medical concern, pain or any other discomfort we urge you to contact your physician.