If you’re suffering from nail fungus, there are a variety of products that can aid in treatment. View our fungal nail products here that can help treat toe nail fungus!

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Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish 2Dr.'s Remedy Nail Polish 5 Out Of Stock

Dr.’s Remedy Nail Polish


Get podiatrist formulated nail polish to enhance toe nail health! Enhanced with natural oils and vitamins, this nail polish is vegan friendly and has no formaldehyde, parabens, or phthalates. Treat your toes with Dr’s Remedy Nail Polish!

Footlogix Nail Anti-Fungal Spray Out Of Stock

Footlogix Nail Anti-Fungal Spray


Anti-fungal toenail tincture transforms feet from dry and cracked to soft and smooth. It penetrates the skin quickly and doesn’t leave greasy residue. Restore your damaged toenails and help prevent fungal attacks! The Footlogix Anti-Fungal Nail Spray alleviates and treats symptoms associated with Athlete’s Foot.

Fungafiles Nail File

Fungafiles Nail File

  • The first disposable files for mycotic nails and verrucae debridement.
  • Unique ‘matchbook’ design encourages frequent use and disposal, while small size is ideal for precise use.
  • Removes fungal nail debris, improves nail appearance, and keeps nails thinner for easier trimming. Can also be used for warts and to help reduce necrotic tissue.
  • Quantity: x24 disposable files per box
Fungasoap Liquid

Fungasoap Liquid

  • Helps relieve the discomfort of itching and dryness associated with athlete’s foot while it cleans and refreshes skin
  • Enriched with tea tree oil
  • All-natural cleansing wash
  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Refreshes and helps soothe itchy, dry skin
  • Quantity: x1 6oz OR 13.5 oz bottle